ZYFILM® and ZYPROFILM® are flexible interactive film touch panels incorporating ZYTRONIC’s patented projected capacitive technology (PCT™). The touch panels are designed to be mounted to the rear surface of a rigid transparent substrate (such as glass or plastic), and operated by touching the substrates front surface.

Detection method:
Projected Capacitance Technology
PET film and/or rear projection medium with embedded micro-fine sensing array
Detachable PCB with USB connectivity
Size range:
Up to 85"
Operating humidity:
90%RH @ 40°C
Storage temperature:
-30°C > +70°C
Storage humidity:
90%RH @ 40°C
Resistance to contamination:
Determined by mounting substrate
Water resistance:
Determined by mounting substrate
Operating temperature:
-20°C > +60°C
Immunity to damage:
Protected by mounting substrate / no moving parts
Sensor thickness:
ZYFILM ~0.3mm, ZYPROFILM ~0.5mm depending on rear projection material selected
Stylus type:
Finger, gloved hand
Operating force:
Sensor MTBF:
No moving parts / no known wear out mechanism
Power requirements:
Power from USB port (5V±5%, less than 100mA)
Controller compliant with CE and UL EMC FCC, CE
30” to 50” <3mm, 55” and above <5mm
Positional accuracy:
<1.5% of diagonal error within the recommended viewing
Adjustable in software. Maximum thickness of glass mounting substrate 12mm (single layer – no double glazing)
Calibration drift:
One time calibration, no drift
Mouse move only, activate on touch, activate on release, drag and drop, touch / hold / release
USB V1.1, compatible with USB V2.0 (3m standard cable length, 5m maximum cable length recommended with USB)
Windows 2000 / Windows XP
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Zyfilm & Zyprofilm Data Sheet
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