This manufacturing technology is unique to Zytronic and offers significant benefits to electronic display manufacturers. The touch-sensing layer consists of an array of micro fine wires that are not visible on a powered display.

Unlike other touch sensors using a capacitive system where the sensing medium is on the surface of the touch panel, the active component of the ZYTOUCH® sensor is embedded for protection – and can be up to 20mm from the touch surface.

Not only does this technology produce a highly dependable, rugged vandal resistant and low-maintenance system, it also offers unrivalled protection against a wide range of physical threats – a cost effective solution for the most demanding touch sensor applications.

Detection Method:
Dynamic capacitance using horizontal and vertical 10 micron diameter wires.
Power Requirements:
Typically 5mA at 6 to 12 volts which is provided by RS232 port, USB or external source.
Lead and Connector:
Female D9 serial connector on a 3 metre long, 3 wire, lead. Maximum length of lead – 10 metres. Power supply components in connections – 2 diodes, 1 resistor and 1 capacitor.
Operating Temperature:
-35°C to +65°C
0 to 90% RH @ 40°C. Unaffected by condensation.
Speed of Response:
13msec through 4mm thick glass.
Unsurpassed vandal and shock resistance.
Less than 1mm Position
Less than 1.5% of diagonal error within the recommended viewing area.
Adjustable by software. Maximum thickness 20mm from the sensor to the touch surface.
What it Detects:
Bare and gloved fingers.
Resistance to Contamination:
Unaffected by harsh cleaning fluids, solvents, grease and dirt.
Light Transmission:
88% through standard ZYTOUCH®.
Immunity to Damage:
Protected by glass – sensing media is not touched by the operator. No moving parts.
Use of fixed wires ensures no drift with time.
Glass Options:
Clear, anti-glare, toughened, high transmission.
MTBF (Sensor):
Excellent, no known wear-out mechanism.
MTBF (Controller):
In excess of 1 million hours – Bellcore TR332.
Controller will be compliant with CE and UL when installed in system.
Will pass FCC Class B when installed in system.
Ability to be NEMA 12 or NEMA 4 compliant.
Software provided:
Simple calibration and set-up with Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP and Linux. Mouse emulation with Select on Touch, Select on Dwell, Select on Release and Drag and Drop.
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